Every so often you look down and realize your weight is creeping up on you.  So time for me to go on a 3 month diet/experiment/thing…  But I want your help.  I tend to get rather bored of food over time, but i know that ease of cooking is key.  Otherwise you get off track and start eating a lot of food that ends up not being good for you.  But first, let me get to my plan before asking for help:

For me, losing weight has always been a calorie thing.  For some it’s increasing their activity to raise their calorie burning.  However from my normal diet, that doesn’t seem to be too much a factor.  I already eat between  4-6000 calories a day, and although my metabolism has slowed down over the years, my weight increase seems shockingly low for as much as I eat.  So even at my low activity level, I apparently burn a lot of calories. Running for an hour won’t really change the amount of “used” calories all that much.

In the past I’ve lost weight by restricting my intake and choosing the right type of foods to eat (yes shocking I know).  I also adhere to a “binge” day (or 2) a week to keep my body form going into a starve mode when i lower my calories (yes even at restricting to 1,500-2,000 calories I can feel the starve mode kick in over time if I don’t eat “normally” at least once a week).  I have taken what I know from my own history along with some tricks I’ve learned from Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Body book to create my own little diet plan that seems to work.

So that being said I’m goign to try to get my calorie intake down to 2,000 a day.  The goal is to eat 3 meals a day with 1 or 2 snacks.  My daily breakdown is going something like this:

  • Breakfast Goal – 400 calories
  • Lunch Goal – 600 Calories
  • Dinner Goal – 850 Calories
  • Snack Goal – 150 Calories

Obviously lowered or higher calories in one spill over to the others.  I’m going to try to make sure breakfast is mostly protein and not carb based.  I already don’t drink milk or sugar in my coffees.  I’m going to go back to drinking massive amounts of Ice Tea instead of the free soda I get here (although a soda might qualify as a snack).

This week is my last “free” week before I start.  I wanted a base line of weight measurements before starting.  Granted I’m glancing at what I eat, trying out some new recipes, but I’m not drastically changing anything at this time.

I have some standard low calorie meals I’ve used of the years.  Some of the recipes are over at my other “real” blog ( http://tasel.wordpress.com/2012/01/12/low-cal-meal-recipes/ ) and I am experimenting this week with some low cal options.  I’m trying to standardize my weekly menu so  I don’t have to hunt for low cal recipes.   I have my menu mostly planned out but I still want some variety in there.

And here’s where you guys come in.  What low cal, but still filling, meals do you love?  If you could post below or on the Facebook post either recipes, ideas, or links I’d be grateful.

Keep in mind breakfasts and lunches need to be things I can make at work.  There are microwaves and a toaster oven available to me.  It doesn’t even have to be something I make.  Things to buy either at the grocery (I’m partial to the healthy choice bowls) or low cal fast food options (Wendy’s Ultimate grilled chicken for instance) are also recommendations I’d appreciate.

Dinner can be a bit more elaborate, although if its something that my daughter would also want to eat it would be appreciated. And of course low cal snacks is also something that would be helpful (although anything with as pertain or “fake” sugars… not a fan).

So anything you can add to my armory of low cal meals would be appreciated.  I’ll be posting my baseline meal plan in another post, but I have spots for “variables” because eating the same thing every day is just plain boring!