Good bye Hotel

Goodbye Hotel room

Hello Tropical Storm…

It’s like everyone is wearing the cult outfit of the rain sect…

Mariachi Band over at the Mexico Pravillion.  They were playing inside since it was pouring outside

DELICIOUS!!!! Check out my full review of the Mexico Tequila Tastings plus Lunch Review on my “professional” blog.

Dinner table layout and menu  for the tasting… anyone else know how to “Foolow”?

And more rain… Didn’t stop people from coming out to try all the booths.  Even if most of them were half covered up to protect form the wind and rain.

Although the rain was no match for a nice fresh hot Funnel cake.  It’ll warm a chilly person up real quick.

More rain, and people trying to get form place to place in it.

Biergarten Restaurant Pager not found

Plate #1 with a Liter of beer at the Biergarten

Wide selection of food at the Biergarten.

Plate #2 at the Biergarten, along with a bowl of Cauliflower Soup.

Oompha band playing with all the kings running around on the dance floor.

Another view of the Biergarten.

Lights shining through the rain over the Leave a Legacy uhm… Tombstones…