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I tend to get bored with meals.  Eating the same thing day in day out isn’t something that I normally like to do.  With lunches and dinners it’s much easier to get variety in the rotation, but breakfast is a bit different.  Pancakes, eggs, cereal, waffles, uhm… french toast?  There isn’t too many ways to serve up breakfast.  So i’m alwasys looking for “new recipes.

Although new doesn’t mean better. I’ve seen a lot of recipes for complex meals.  I don’t know about you, but in the mornings my brain usually isn’t working too well.  So whatever breakfast is, it needs to be simple, or with most of the prep-work done ahead of time.  But the cook in me wants to not be bored by the same old.  So I try out Eggs Benedict, baked french toast, and Huevos rancheros to mix it up.  I must have that last one on the brain when i ran a search since I ended up with Huevos Ahogados En Salsa Verde  or simply put “Drowned Eggs in green salsa. Continue reading

Easy Funnel Cake

I was looking for a desert that wouldn’t take much time, but wasn’t the usual ice cream or milkshake.  It’s been cold of late, so wanted something warm.  I decided on some good old fashion Funnel Cake.  Minimal ingredients, and quick to make.  You might want to half this recipe since I always make too many for just me.   This will make about 4-5 10″ funnel cakes, but obviously depending on amount and size that number will vary.

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