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5 (+1) simple rules

Been asked about this a few times, so thought I’d add it here.  The rough guidelines to my entire weight lost thing boiled down to 5 (+1) simple rules from Tim Ferris’s 4-hr body.  Obviously it’s more complex than this for “optimum weight loss”, and tons more info, and each person different, etc… but still, these are the general guidelines I based my own diet regimen around:


Rough Idea – this is the “carb” thing.  Avoid anything that is or can be white (bread, rice, potatoes, etc).  The one exception is cauliflower.


Rough Idea – if you eat the same set meals you know the calories and serving portions.  Start with a set list of meals and expand over time.


Rough Idea – Drink unsweetened tea,  unsweetened coffee (no more than 2TB cream), & water. This helps you feel more full (and the obvious water is good for you).  Limit diet drinks to no more than 16oz, and moderate drinking of red wine is fine.  Avoid milk, normal sodas, beer, white wine, juices etc.


Rough Idea – fruit is heavy on fructose which is the easiest for the body to covert to fat.  Exceptions are avocado and tomato, but these also should be in moderation.


Rough Idea – Rule 5 ignores rules 1-4.  Eat everything and anything.  Doing this helps keep your metabolic rate up, as well as gives you an outlet for all those foods you don’t eat during the week.  Write down instead of eating your craves and then go crazy on your day off.

I’d also add bonus that Tim talks about but isn’t a “strict” rule of his:


Rough Idea – By weighing (and tracking) your weight/measurements you get a better long term idea of how you are doing.  Loosing lots of weight one week can boost your confidence where not loosing or even gaining some can lower it.  Having a chart of your progress, with trend lines (lots of apps out there help do this) will help show that you are indeed making progress.  And if you can automate that process of tracking everything all the better (I use a Withings scale to do it for me)

And that’s it.  I recommend if you are really serious to read his book, or at least the first few chapters that deal with weight loss, but that’s it in a very tight nutshell.  I try to stick to eggs & spinach each morning I’m not cheating.   I also do a few other things that probably length the time it’s taking to loose the weight… but to each his/her own.

Good luck everyone!

Meal Plan Attack 2012

So I said I’d post the general meal plan… and here it is:


  • Breakfast – Spinach, Onion, & Bacon Omelet w/provolone
  • Lunch – Wendy’s Ultimate Grilled Chicken (w/ Hot sauce) w/ Garden salad (w/light Ranch) & Ice Tea
  • Dinner – Roasted Chicken w/ veggie
  • Snack – Pickles, Pre-cut Cheese, & Popcorn


  • Breakfast – Spinach & Onion Sauce w/ 2 eggs & provolone
  • Lunch – (Left Over) Roasted Chicken w/ veg
  • Dinner – Beef dish w/veggie
  • Snack  – Pickles, Pre-cut Cheese, & Popcorn


  • Breakfast – egg Sandwich w/bacon
  • Lunch – (LO) Beef dish w/veggies
  • Dinner – Chicken Dish w/Veggies
  • Snack  – Pickles, Pre-cut Cheese, & Popcorn


  • Breakfast – Spinach, Onion, & Bacon Omelet w/provolone
  • Lunch – (LO) Chicken Dish w/Veggies
  • Dinner – Wendy’s Ultimate Grilled Chicken (w/ Hot sauce) w/ Garden salad (w/light Ranch) & Ice Tea
  • Snack  – Pickles, Pre-cut Cheese, & Popcorn


  • Breakfast – Spinach & Onion Sauce w/ 2 eggs & provolone
  • Lunch – Chicken Lunch / Frozen / Eat out (McDonald’s – grilled chicken, Panerra – Sand & Soup)
  • Dinner – Chicken Dinner / Veggie Dinner
  • Snack  – Pickles, Pre-cut Cheese, & Popcorn

Sat & Sun: my cheat days

So that’s the basic idea.  It has some place holders to keep flexible as well as some prep work that make eating things simpler.  For instance:

  • Digital scale – Take the guesswork out of calories.  Find how much calories are in something by the weight and you can have it all down without having to guess how much you put in.  Use a scale with a “tare” function and it will zero out for you.  Just keep adding ingredients.
  • Breakfast – I sauté 8 cups (1 bag) of spinach with 1 cup (1 med onion) and 2 TB of butter and separate that into 4 containers.  I then dice 2 pieces of bacon and add half to 2 of those bowls.  Add 1/4 cup of sauce to the other 2 bowls, and i have the pre work for 4 of my 5 breakfasts done.  Just add eggs and heat in the microwave.  I have an omelet cooker thing that i can do it all in at work.  Plus the eggs help fill me up and kick-start my body in the mornings so I’m not nearly so hungry at lunch.  (Also helps to drink black coffee – no cream or sugar…. those are huge calorie wasters).
  • Lunches – The prep here falls into 2 categories: Eat out and Left Overs.  It’s just as simple to create an extra plate for lunch when making dinner as it is not to.  Plus you already know exactly how much the calories are since you have it figured out for lunch (i’m not bringing a scale to work).  For fast foods, plan what you are eating before hand and you won’t be tempted once you get there. (and of course again easy to know the calorie count).
  • Chicken Dinners – I cook a whole chicken with just some basic seasonings on Monday.  That gets me a great low cal monday dinner, as well as chicken I can use for the rest of the week.  Since it’s lightly flavored with just S&P, I can add whatever spices I might use later that week.
  • Beef Dinners – There are tons of low cal beef dinners out there.  Designating one a week keeps the complexity low and gives variety.
  • Veggie / Frozen / Eating out option– Same goes for these two.  If I’ve used too much chicken in the week (which is auto portioned since I only have 1 whole chicken) I have a veggie meal on Friday Nights.  Eating out gives me a break, as well as some wiggle room if I just don’t have time to cook during the weeknights.  Prepped Frozen lunches are also good ways of having a fast easy to go meal, that you know how many calories you’re getting.  By place this toward the end of the week i can adjust if I need to.
  • Snacks – Pre measure is key.  I buy smoked mozzarella 8oz… and 1 oz is a serving.  So I cut it up ahead of time. Pickles come premeasured just by their existence.  Popcorn is also a very low cal snack for how filling it is.  air pop it and bag it for a snack through the week.  Add to that Ice Tea to help keep my hydrated and fill me up throughout the day.  I drink 1-2L a day.
  • Breaks – In my opinion this is critical.  You need a break A) to keep yourself from going crazy.  If you want to eat something that’s too high calorie, make a list.  Eat it instead on the weekend/Cheat day(s). You’ll be rewarding yourself for being good and chances are you’ll be out partying anyway on those days so calories would be very difficult to pay attention to anyway.  the second reason B) is you want to keep your body from getting sued tot he lower calorie intake.   Your body will adjust to your lower cal diet and not burn as much.  So by having days were your body gets the calories you are used to, it won’t start thinking you are trying to starve it.  Yes… by doing this the weight will go up following day.  I’m not going to worry.  It’s not permanent.  This is for the long haul, the idea is to keep my body in check, as well as my spirits high enough to not feel like I’m cutting myself off from all the foods and events I want to do.

So that’s my plan of attack.  So far so good.  Last week I kept a record of my weight and averaged it all to get a solid starting point.  Already down about 6 lbs.  With some prep and planning it’s fairly simple to keep things in check.  I’m also using myfittnesspal app to keep track of things in addition to a spread sheet.  I weigh myself in the morning and night to get two good baselines as to how I’m doing.  Plus doing so allows me to, ahem, “control” any external weight that might affect the scale.  If interested I might post some of the recipes I’m using over on my main blog.  And of course any questions feel free to inquire below in the comments.

Every so often you look down and realize your weight is creeping up on you.  So time for me to go on a 3 month diet/experiment/thing…  But I want your help.  I tend to get rather bored of food over time, but i know that ease of cooking is key.  Otherwise you get off track and start eating a lot of food that ends up not being good for you.  But first, let me get to my plan before asking for help: View full article »

Breakfast egg pizza

This is what it should have been… lets just say it didn’t and I had a yogurt for breakfast instead.

Not giving up yet though.  Gonna try a few things and get this thing working.  Eat too many eggs not to have new ways of doing so for breakfast.

But for those of you in Minneapolis Minnesota try the real thing at Pizzeria Lola. Saw it over on Diners, Drive Ins, & Dives. You’d be surprised how many ideas I get from this show…

Pizza night


Mmmmm pizza. Note to self: get new yeast. Baking bread with old yeast isn’t so good.

Pizza was yummy though.

Weigh-in, Check-in 1/30

Here’s my current info and the last week. I try to do my weigh-ins roughly around 2pm after lunch. Goal for calories during the week is under 1640.

Current Weight: 225.3 (-11.2 lbs -4.7%)
Lost in the last week: 0.9 lbs
Starting weight: 236.5 (1/1/2012)

Current Waist: 42″ (-1″ -2.3%)
Starting Waist: 43″ (1/1/2012)

Last Week’s info:


  • Weight – 226.2
  • Waist – 42
  • Calories – 1491
  • Food – Breakfast (302) – Egg Sandwich & Coffee, Lunch (300) – General Tso’s Spicy Chicken (Cafe Steamers), Dinner (615) – Pepperoni Pizza (Chuck E Cheese), Snacks (274) – Angel Food cake w/ Marshmallow topping


  • Weight – 224.7
  • Calories -1549
  • Food – Breakfast (302) – Egg Sandwich & Coffee, Lunch (415) – French Onion Soup, Dinner (642) – Burrito Bowl, Snacks (190) – Pepper jack, Mozzarella


  • Weight – 225.1
  • Calories – 1600
  • Food – Breakfast (302) – Egg Sandwich & Coffee, Lunch (921) – Chips & Salsa, 2/3 Chicken Club Tacos (Chilli’s), Dinner (377) – 1/3 Chicken Club Tacos (Chilli’s Leftovers)


  • Weight – 222
  • Calories – 1557
  • Food – Breakfast (292) – Bacon Egg Sandwich & Coffee, Lunch (260) – Lemon Garlic Chicken (heathy steamers), Dinner (1005) – Steak, Spaghetti with mozzarella, prosciutto, and asparagus, Brussels sprouts


  • Weight – 221.5
  • Calories -1584
  • Food – Breakfast (322) – Eggs Florentine & coffee, Lunch (623) – Spaghetti with mozzarella, prosciutto, and asparagus, Dinner (407) – Caesar Salad, Snacks (232) – Monterrey jack, peanut butter crunch bar

Saturday & Sunday I don’t keep track my weight or food (I just try to not go way overboard on the calories). All drinks (unless noted) are Ice Tea &/or Water w/ Lemon.

Notes: I ate my fair share of peanut butter crunch bars over the weekend… They are over 600 calories a piece, and small bars at that. Friday I had a 1/4 of one at that alone was roughly 150 calories. So you can imagine what, let’s say 10-15 would do to a calorie count.

Weigh-in, Check-in 1/23

Here’s my current info and the last week. Weigh-ins roughly around 2pm after lunch.

Current Weight: 226.2 (-10.3 lbs -4.3%)
Lost in the last week:  2.9 lbs
Starting weight: 236.5 (1/1/2012)

Current Waist: 42″ (1″ -2.3%)
Starting Waist: 43″ (1/1/2012)

Last Week’s info:


  • Weight – 229.1
  • Waist – 42.5″
  • Calories – 1330
  • Food – Breakfast (322) – Bacon, Egg, & Cheese sandwich, coffee, Lunch (465) – ultimate grilled sandwich, salad w/ lite ranch, ice tea (Wendy’s) Dinner (513) – roasted chicken, rice, asparagus, Snacks (30) – chicken chilli sample (stews)


  • Weight -226.6
  • Calories – 850
  • Food – Lunch (320) – lowfat chicken chili, Dinner (400) – chicken skewers on rice, salad, Snacks (130) – mozzarella, carmel rice cakes


  • Weight – 222.4
  • Calories -1365
  • Food – Breakfast (325) – eggs & spinach, Mexican black beans, coffee Lunch (580) – English muffin pepperoni pizza, Dinner (340) – sweet sesame chicken (cafe steamers), Snacks (120) – mozzarella cube, monterey jack cube


  • Weight – 223.5
  • Calories – 2252 (562 over)
  • Food – Breakfast (302) – egg, cheese, & bacon sandwich, coffee Lunch (350) – French Onion Soup, Dinner (1240) – Spicy Italian Footlong Sub, Snacks (360) – Mozzarella Cheese, Lava Cake


  • Weight – 226.2
  • Calories – 1184
  • Food – Breakfast (372) – huevos rancheros, Coffee Dinner (742) – Burrito Bowl, Snacks (70) – Mozzarella

Saturday & Sunday I don’t keep track (although don’t go way overboard)

Notes:  So ended up decideding to cut out the water days and see if it effects my weight loss any.  Well as of next week since thur was Callista’s b-day (which explains the tons of calories on that day….).  Oddly over the weekend neither gained nor loss any weight.

Here’s my current info and the last week. Weigh-ins roughly around 2pm after lunch.

Current Weight: 229.1 (-7.4 lbs -3.1%)
Lost in the last week: 1.5 lbs
Starting weight: 236.5 (1/1/2012)

Current Waist: 42.5″ (-0.5″ -1.1%)
Starting Waist: 43″ (1/1/2012)

Last Week’s info:


  • Weight – 230.6
  • Waist – 43
  • Calories – 1186
  • Food – Breakfast (324) – Coffee & Bacon Egg Sandwhich, Lunch (230) – Cafe Steamer – Cajun Style Chicken & Shrimp, Dinner (580) – Chicken Quarter, Salad, & Baked Potato, Snacks (50) – Cheese


  • Weight – 228.4
  • Calories – 0
  • Food – Ice Tea & Water w/ Lemon


  • Weight – 224
  • Calories – 1669
  • Food – Breakfast (324) – Coffee & Bacon Egg Sandwhich, Lunch (509) – ultimate grilled chicken, side salad w/lite ranch, and a chicken nugget (Wendy’s), Dinner (595) – beef and chicken quesadillas, Snacks (243) – Pineapple Mango Vodka


  • Weight – 222.9
  • Calories – 0
  • Food – Ice Tea & Water w/ Lemon


  • Weight – 223.1
  • Calories -1587
  • Food – Breakfast (376) – Eggs Florentine, Mexican Beans, Lunch (310) – Chicken Pesto, Dinner (791) – Chicken Caesar w/ Croutons, Snacks (110) – Brownes

Saturday & Sunday I don’t keep track. Although did have my usual Taco Bell order… 2200 calories for lunch alone…

Weigh-in Check-in 1/9/2011

Here’s my current info and the last week. Weigh-ins roughly around 2pm after lunch.

Current Weight: 230.6 (-5.9 lbs -2.5%)
Lost in the last week: -5.9lbs
Starting weight: 236.5 (1/1/2012)

Current Waist: 43″ (-0″ -0%)
Starting Waist: 43″ (1/1/2012)

Last Week’s info:


  • Weight – 232.1
  • Waist – 43″
  • Calories – 969
  • Food – Lunch (509) – Chicken Sandwhich, Salad, Ice Tea (@ Wendy’s), Dinner (410) – Chicken and Aspargus w/Ice Tea, Snacks (50) – Pepper Jack cheese


  • Weight – 229.5
  • Calories – 0
  • Food – Ice Tea & Water w/ Lemon


  • Weight – 226.4
  • Calories -1655
  • Food – Breakfast (420) – Bacon Egg Cheese Sandwich, Lunch (355) – Chicken Parm & Tator Tots, Dinner (763) – Chicken Cacciatore, Garlic potatoes w/herbed sour cream, a salad & Sauvignon Blanc, Snacks (115) – Banana, Pickle


  • Weight -226.9
  • Calories – 213
  • Food – Snacks (213) – Peanut Butter Cookies


  • Weight -226.2
  • Calories – 1900 (210 over my goal)
  • Food – Breakfast (322) – Bacon Egg Cheese Sandwich, Lunch (450) – Premium Grilled Chicken Ranch BLT, side salad w/low-fat Italian & ice tea (McDonald’s), Dinner (906) – Beef Soft Taco w/Pineapple Salsa, Snacks (100) – Pepperjack Cheese, Cranberry & Vodka Cocktail

Saturday & Sunday I don’t keep track (although don’t go way overboard)… yea did fine on Saturday, but Sunday ended up at Serendipity 3 in the city… a huge chocolate and ice cream place.  Probably ate more calories in that one meal than the rest of the weekdays combined…

Notes: Oh, my, was my first day calorie-less hard. Which is funny cause I’ve done that by accident many times. Maybe cause I knew I couldn’t have a bite to eat? Also Thursday… Note to self: don’t bake cookies when trying to to consume calories… Also might notice the difference between Wed and Fri breakfast… I ate half of Callista’s sandwich that she didn’t.

Losing weight idea…

So to keep my honest with my losing weight stuff I’m going to be posting weekly updates here so there’s some record that people will know besides myself. So here’s the start:

Weight: 232.1
Waist: 43″

I once computed on average how much calories I consumed in a day. I totaled about 5,000-6,000 calories. That’s per day. No wonder over the course of a year I gained 15 pounds. Ok… Fair enough that should be way more, especially since I don’t exercise, so my resting body seems to consume a massive amount of calories. Or i don’t absorb them. Either way that’s still probably my biggest problem (yes I know I’m weird… Shouldn’t come to anyone reading this as a surprise).

My plan is thus:
Drinking tons of water (perhaps with some juice or tea for flavor)
Sat & Sun are my off day (watch what I eat, but nothing unussual).
Mon, Wed, & Friday try to stay under 1500 calories
Tue and Thur I’ll be just doing the water thing to cleanse things out.

Will try to post each Monday. I am tracking my calories (even on weekends) via the Myfitness App. My goal is to get down to 200. Dunno how long this will take. Perhaps if I do well enough I will get down to my personal “ideal weight” of 180. This is still way above the “healthy” weight of 140-160 that is what someone of my height and body type should be at… But I’ve done the 160 thing and I don’t look healthy. Hence the 180 goal. Already lost about 4 pounds in the last week or so without actually having a plan, so hopefully this will help some.

Here’s to the next few months…